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Triumph mvt. 1 Battle, chaos, concerto, dark, destruction, huge, intense, piano, victorious, powerful piano concerto. Impact Orchestral, moderate speed, powerful, epic, unusual, evolving, soundtrack, ambient. Micron Electronic, futuristic, fast, ambient, unusual, dark, synths, soundtrack, short. Swift Small, ambient, classical, piano, dark, phrygian, fast, ternary, unusual. Eclipse Large, ambient, spacious, dark, classical, piano, orchestral, beautiful, slow. Underestimated Massive, epic, powerful, dramatic, fast and slow parts, dark, complex. Deathly Tormentor Dark, powerful, unusual, slow, dramatic, film music. Unpredictable Fury Dark, chaotic, heavy, medium tempo, experimental. Primeval Galaxy 3 Epic, marching pace, powerful, film/trailer music. Primeval Galaxy 2 Long, fast, dark, beautiful, complex, modern classical music. Primeval Galaxy 1 Progressive, dark, interesting, medium pace, heavy, film music. Menacing Dawn Dark, somewhat complex, medium pace, dramatic, film music. Relentless Invasion Medium tempo, epic, dark, film music. Unstable Contact Dark, slow-paced, unusual, trailer music.