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About Valinax

I am working towards becoming a freelance composer/producer.  I compose, arrange, produce, mix and master my own music and you can see most of my current equipment (hardware and software) here: My Equipboard page “Valinax” is my artist name and will remain my artist name for the foreseeable future.

On the music page, you can listen to my latest publicly-available music and download it if you unlock the downloads.

On the images page, you can view my latest graphic design and artwork. All my own work.

On the forum page, you can view the forums available on this site, and discuss various topics as much as you like.

On the videos page, you can view my eight latest YouTube videos I’ve uploaded.

On the social page, you can view links to all of my main social media platforms, and view a feed of my recent Facebook page and Twitter page posts.

On the blog page, you can view updates on my compositions and other relevant news.

The music I create varies in style, most of it is melodic/orchestral/progressive music, all of my works take elements of general soundtrack music.

For the epic works I create, I take elements of multiple epic genres, classical, epic-orchestral/hybrid-orchestral, heavy metal and heavy electronic subgenres like dubstep and trap.

For my softer music, elements are taken of classical, neo-classical, hybrid-orchestral music, rock, and ambient music.

I’ve been a pianist for 13 years (classically trained) as of writing this, giving me a huge boost in the way I think of harmonies, melodies, and in my understanding of music theory. This is why my music has lots of piano in, and why my music has so many elements of classical music.

In addition to music creation, my skills involve piano performance, art/graphic design, website creation, video creation and much more. All artwork on this site is created by me, and I’ve created my site too.

20th January 2019

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Here you can contact me about any enquiries, you can request commissions or collaborations, or anything else relevant.

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